1. Sommermüd (Jakob Haringer) >>> text | sources

2. Tot (Jakob Haringer) >>> text | sources

3. Mädchenlied (Jakob Haringer) >>> text | sources

DURATION: ca. 6 Min.

VERSIONS: Fassung für Kammerorchester (René Leibowitz, 1949)

Hal Leonard (USA, Canada, Mexico)

The work’s late opus number leads to the assumption that the Three Lieder Op. 48 are among Schönberg’s late pieces composed in America; but in fact he set the three poems by Jakob Haringer during his late Berlin period, in January and February 1933, in the strict twelve-tone mode of the Variations for Orchestra Op. 31. Due to the political events of that year and Schönberg’s flight to America via Paris, the Lieder were forgotten until Bomart Music Publications issued them in 1948.